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Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:United States of America


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a little princess, a tale of two sisters, agata kristi, air, american gothic, amon tobin, being snarky, bitter:sweet, bjork, brimstone, brotherhood of the wolf, buck65, burnt offerings, candyman, claire voyant, clue, coil, collide, corvus corax, current 93, dead birds, dead can dance, deathstalker 2, delerium, depeche mode, devotchka, diamanda galas, diary of dreams, discworld, dracula: dead and loving it, dracula: the series, elend, enigma, event horizon, ever after, excalibur, faith & the muse, finding nemo, forever knight, francis ford coppola's dracula, from hell, gaming, garbage, garmarna, gladiator, gothic, grimm's fairy tales, heart of valor, hedningarna, helium vola, hellboy, hellboy 2, hungry lucy, in the mouth of madness, infection, jill tracy, jim henson's the storyteller, ju-on, kama sutra, krod mandoon and the flaming sword of fire, krull, kull the conqueror, kultur shock, l'ame immortelle, labyrinth, ladyhawke, legend, leonard cohen, leverage, logan's run, lords of acid, lovage, love bites, lycia, matt elliott, mediaeval baebes, mirrormask, mono, mugison, muse, natacha atlas, neverwhere, night of the comet, night of the solstice, onmyoji, painting, pan's labyrinth, parasite eve, perfect creature, phantom, photographing fairies, portishead, radiohead, ravenous, return to oz, rhea's obsession, ruslana, sayonara gangsters, scanners, scarecrows, serial experiements lain, session 9, she-devil, sleepwalkers, smashing pumpkins, snake river conspiracy, snow white: a tale of terror, solaris, sow, stabbing westward, stalker, stardust, subspecies, switchblade symphony, the 10th kingdom, the black cauldron, the black heart procession, the cranberries, the creatures, the dark crystal, the emperor's new groove, the fall, the golden palominos, the ice pirates, the last unicorn, the lost boys, the neverending story, the odyssey, the omen, the order, the phantom of the opera, the secret garden, the shadow at the bottom of the world, the tea party, the vampire diaries, tom waits, troll, tweaker, ugetsu, vampire high, vampire hunter d, vampire journals, vast, voltaire, wiedzmin, willow, witch hunter robin
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